The First blog post. Day 1 Of Life.

This is the post excerpt.


Assalamualaikum and hello, ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻

Finally at last after thousands times i’ve been persuaded,asked,told,suggested, adviced i am finally here writing in my own living journal/blog/open diary.My husband is going to be so so so proud of me. 😍😍😍.

This is actually my 2nd blog, I used to have one years ago but i decided not to continue with that one as i think i need something new and fresh. The old one nayyyy that was me in the past life so young and naive and isshh.




As mentioned. Yes! The Alter Ego. Its me today. Very Ombre, Sway and Wavy.

So dramatic,i know.

Still need an introduction?


Next post ok!



The Unanswered Questions

“Sekarang kau dekat mana? MO mana? Ada Hospital mana? MO department apa? Berhenti ke jadi doctor? Kau ni cuti apa lama sgt?”

Yada yada yada

oh! I forgot to tell you, Yeahhhh, i am a Doctor. But currently a staying at home doctor. #pathetic #wasted #justsayit

I’ve been avoiding those question ever since i finished my housemanship. But haishh how can i stop myself from posting statuses and pictures and isn’t it weird when all my statuses and photos updates are all in Japan. How long can i run away from the truth?

here i am today strong enough to finally answer all the questions. Probably not a big deal to you but to me it is. I miss my job i do. So when people asked me questions above, somehow i develope this uncomfortable sad pathetic useless feelings inside me thats why i decided not to answer any of them.Dont ask me why la you sedih. I dont know. Maybe because i had fun working as a doctor eventhough penat dia mcm haram.

So ready?

Next post ok?



As promised, lil bit of introduction ok?

My name is Fadhlin Binti Abd Hamid, 28 years old. I am a born muslim, a daughter, 2 years after that i upgraded myself to a sister, At age 26, i decided to add more spices to my spicy life,I got married and became a wife. 2 years after married life, Im blessed with a beautiful daughter that currently learning to call me mummy.


I think thats it. Sikit sikit dah la kan.